November 24, 2007

3 Weeks old!

Well Livi is now 3 weeks old - I cannot believe it! She is doing so well - sleeping for up to 4 hours straight at night. Hopefully she'll continue to increase that time in the next few weeks! :) She is such a sweetheart!

We spent Thanksgiving with Matt's family in Lexington. My parents were in town for the weekend and it was wonderful spending time with them as well! Livi slept during most of it, but enjoyed time with family no doubt :)

Below are some pics from the weekend...

Mom and I tried to prop her up and get a good shot...
Matt's family at Thanksgiving...
Our new little fam :)

November 17, 2007

2 Weeks Old!! :)

Well - Livi is 2 weeks old today! We've been kinda M.I.A. for the past few weeks, trying to get accustomed to our new life as a family! Matt has been so wonderful - I call him my "Livi hog" since he won't let me have her for 1 minute when he's in the room! :)
Livi was born at 8:12 pm on November 3, 2007.
She weighed in at 7 lbs. 13 oz and measured 21 inches long.

I started having contractions around 10:00 am while watching college football with Matt. We decided to go to the grocery store and continue to time my contractions, as they were not really that bad. Halfway through the trip my contractions grew in strength and we had to cut the trip short ;) By 1:00 pm we decided to call the hospital. They told me to go for a walk to see if the contractions were real or Braxton Hicks. Matt and I made it to the end of our street and back before my water broke. We then rushed to Lexington Medical Center where we were admitted by one of Matt's former baseball players...thanks Andy Potts ;) I was still feeling ok - the contractions weren't that bad! We spent a few minutes getting me all hooked up to monitors and answering questions about whether or not we had heat and AC at home?!?! Hmmm. The sweet nurse who was taking care of me ended her shift and the new nurse arrived. Looking back now, I should have asked for another nurse...I just had a feeling...and I was right! She left for over 45 minutes without checking in...all the while I was laboring to 5 cm so I could ge an epidural. However, while she was missing I went through transition!! When I hit the point of death (or so I thought) Matt left to get someone, anyone! When he came back with the nurse, she said she could see the baby's head! She told Matt to "hit the red button" (which can never be a good thing) and the doctor arrived in about 2 minutes. 15 minutes and 3 pushes later Olivia Reese Warren was here!!!! Total time spent in the delivery room = right under 2 hours...not too shabby! While I would have loved an epidural, Livi was so ready to come and we didn't have time :) Oh well, she's here and healthy and beautiful!

Here she is at 1 day old :)

Yay! We finally get to go home!! :)

Livi is such an angel! We've had mostly really good nights! Less sleep than usual, but it's so more than worth it!

At her 2 week checkup yesterday ( 11/16 ) Livi was measure at 8 lbs 2 oz and 22 inches long! She's in the 95th percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight! Good thing it's not the other way around ;)

More to come!!!!!!