December 16, 2011

Been Too Long!

Gosh it's been forever since I last posted an update! Does that tell you anything?! Most days I feel accomplished when I remember to feed everyone on time, read with all 3 kiddos at some point in the day, and get a shower before midnight! :) This crazy life is beyond wonderful...and beyond exhausting! :)

Livi is loving school at Lexington Baptist. She enjoys "teaching" me all about what she's learned! It's also so cool to see her little mind working out new thoughts and ideas. She's especially interested in Biblical topics, asking all sorts of deep questions about death (sounds morbid, but she's lost 3 grandfathers in 3 years, so it makes sense), Jesus on the cross, Heaven and how to get there, etc. We've had some really special times together just talking through these concepts and I love that she WANTS to learn more! Praise God! :) She has learned to tell knock knock jokes (though they usually make NO sense) and she is really into putting on "shows" for the family (wonder where she got that from:). She does such a great job with her brothers; she's part mommy, part friend to them. She and Brooks clash the most! They really know how to get under each other's skin :) Livi is WONDERFUL with Landon. She loves on him constantly. I could not be more blessed than I am with my precious daughter. She is sugar and sassy rolled into one :)

Brooks is a M-E-S-S!! That child has put some grey hairs on my head for sure! He is into everything and runs full speed ahead all day, every day! He loves anything dealing with trucks and trains, mainly Thomas the Train. His favorite sayings include: I did a lotta lotta things!...I had so much fun!...Fanks (thanks)...Heeeeey! (to everyone he sees - at school and church they call him "the politician"!)...We're goin' to Monkey Joes?...You ok, Viv? (love that he shortens his usual "Vivi" to "Viv")...Let's go in threeee minutes! :) His most recent bedtime routine consists of Matt and I reading to him, he gets into bed, I cover him with 3 blankets (1 thicker blanket and 2 thin ones), we pray and I tickle his back, then I leave while we blow kisses to each other...then, as I close the door, I have to laugh out loud and he mimics me! I have no clue where it all came from - one step seemed to lead to another, then another, then another til we had this strange sequence that has to be followed perfectly! I can't begin to explain how his smile can brighten a room - you just have to see it for yourself! He's the most perfect mix of sweet and mischief :)

Landon is our BIG boy! :) He weighed 26 lbs at his 1 year well visit! Needless to say, he's off the charts in height and weight! He enjoys most any food we give him, though he may have a slight milk allergy (ayiyi, right?!) We'll keep praying about that! He's such a bundle of laughs and love (Though the sweet people at our church might think otherwise since he's the token screaming child everyone avoids on Sunday mornings! Sorry! Love those of you who try to keep him happy!) Landon's also into everything...and UP everything including our hardwood steps (Livi taught him how to climb them, ugh!:) He has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom. In addition to "mama", "baba" and "dada", he loves saying "bye bye" (though he says it with a "d" instead of a "b":) and also "uh oh"! He uses "uh oh" so appropriately, too! He's finally (FINALLY) sleeping past 6:30 in the morning...I mean Matt and I are finally (FINALLY) feeling like real, live people again! It's amazing! :) We love our little guy so much and are so thankful for his heath and his happiness :)