January 7, 2008

Bath Time at the Warren House :)

Now that Livi is enjoying bath time, I thought we could take a few cute pics of her doing so :)

January 1, 2008

Livi's 1st Christmas!

Livi had so much fun meeting her cousin Mason! He was so sweet to her, trying hard to say her name - he came close to getting it! He did say "bebe" every time he saw her - so cute!

Livi also met Laney, her 2nd cousin...I think. Her mom, Lori, is my cousin. Laney is 1 month older than Livi :)

Our 1st Christmas as a family at the Wiggins farm. Though she was tired and a little cranky, Livi did well meeting so many people in such a short amount of time!

It's taken long enough, but Livi is finally enjoying her baths! Maybe it took being on vacation?!