January 27, 2009

Last Night at 240 Autumnview

SO tonight is our last night in our sweet little house. If you've been in it, you're probably wondering why I would ever be sad to leave it! Here are a few of the reasons...
*It was our 1st house*We found out we were expecting both times in this house*We spent our last afternoon with Papa in this house*Livi's 1st birthday parties were here*While eating dinner one night at our kitchen table Matt decided to go back to grad school and we spent MANY hours studying together for his classes in this house*We were here when Matt received the call about his "big promotion" to high school administration*Livi had her 1st bite of food, 1st crawl, 1st steps, 1st tooth, etc in this house*Here we've grown together spiritually and in every other way*We brought Livi home to this house*We've memorized every sq. foot of wall, ceiling, and floor while painting and laying down hardwoods*We've cooked thousands of meals together*We love our neighbors (especially the little old lady we used to think was mean...turns out she just thought I drove too fast in the neighborhood! :) She LOVES Livi)*
The list could probably go on and on. We've made so many memories in this house. We've truly been blessed. And while I know the Lord won't forget who we are when we're living somewhere else, it just seems to me that we've enjoyed some of life's greatest highlights while under this roof!
I'm going to finish packing and go out to dinner with Matt and Livi (since I packed all the cookware!)

January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Livi was so excited about Christmas this year! She loved opening all of the presents - wrapped or bagged, it didn't matter to her :) It was hilarious to watch! Matt and I made sure we took extra time with her over the break, seeing as it's our last without her lil' bro! We had such a blast and hated to see it end!!!!

Livi loves her spaghetti!

Opening gifts at the Warren's :)

Christmas in Ashburn :)

Are all of these for me?!?!

Livi's 1st trip to Charleston! She had a blast chasing the birds on the pier and walking through the Market :)