June 10, 2009

Super Sleeper

So Brooks has blessed Matt and I with full nights of sleep for about a week now! We feel like new people! We are so grateful (truly to the Lord) for the rest we need to be the best parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, etc we can be! It sounds funny, but I'm dead serious! Sleep is one of the many things we prayed for before Brooks was born...we did so with Livi and she slept through the night at 7 weeks! Not to be outdone, Brooks did the same :) By the end of his 7th week of life, he was sleeping 7 hours a night! I know God knows our limits...and he knows my breaking point is reached MUCH quicker when I'm sleepy :) It's amazing to know that He cares about the little things!
Here are some new pics of the kiddos!

Playing with bubbles!

Livi was so excited! She had a blast!

"You say somethin'?"

Sideways grin

June 2, 2009

Livi's Debut (5/28/09)

Livi performed with her Mom's Morning Out class at the Providence Lutheran 4 Year-Old graduation program :) She did such a an awesome job for her 1st time on a stage! She got a little upset when she saw us, but then she pulled it together big time! She waved, smiled, stuck her chest out like she was big stuff, looked around in a confused manner, did a few hand motions to the songs they sang - it was great to watch :) Here are some pics from that night!

Brooks was REALLY excited for Livi's performance! :)

Livi got a sweet gift (a class picture in a frame) from her teachers, Ashley and Betsy!

Aunt Hannah knows what Livi likes...cookies! :)

Quick family picture! The kids were tired = should have taken this BEFORE the program and dinner! :)

This looks cute, but Livi was actually on the run after refusing to get into the car!