July 22, 2010

Summer 2010

I can't believe Matt's summer is almost over! I feel like he just went to graduation, and here he is talking about registration and teacher work days! Ahh! The he still works M-Th during the summer, that 1 extra day to make it a 3 day weekend is so refreshing! With the promise of a new baby in November, this school year is going to be the most hectic year of our lives! If you know me and Matt, you know we're not hectic people! Don't get me wrong, we enjoy time with family and friends, we love taking the kids out and about and doing fun things, but most of all we just love being together, around the house, relaxing! I have a feeling this year will be anything BUT relaxing! :) This is why I'm so glad we've had such a wonderful summer - - at the beach, at the pool, in the mountains, etc. It's been the best summer of our lives and here are a few pics to catch you up! :)