July 22, 2008

Meeting Micah in Myrtle Beach!

While Matt and Merrill were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary in Myrtle Beach, we were fortunate enough to have the time to visit for a few hours. It was our 1st time meeting baby Micah! What a doll! He and Livi were both such troopers, staying up extra late so we could enjoy time with one another!
(It was the 1st time Matt and Merrill had seen Livi since Christmas!)
Livi was easily entertained by her Uncle Matt :)

He knew all the best games to play! :)

Micah has the most amazing smile!

We think Livi was checking Micah's hearing?!

Livi wanted Micah to get up and play! :)

Our sweet babies :)

So cute!

I love this lil' boy so much already!

Livi loved playing with Aunt Merrill! :)

Trip to Atlanta

We recently made a trip to Atlanta to visit my parents, Livi's Grammy and Gramps :) They are about to do a huge renovation, so I had to go through box after box of my old keepsakes to see what was staying and what was being donated to the church. I found so many treasures: my old blankie (that caused my brother to give me a black eye!), my favorite childrens books, baby clothes, etc. It was so cool! I brought out some of my old dolls for Livi to play with. She had a blast! :)
I was also able to meet up with one of my best friends from high school! Kristin had never met Livi, so it was defnitely time to take care of that! It was so great seeing her :)

Livi and Kaz became good friends very quickly :)

Livi was showing Grammy and Gramps how to dance...this is "The Sprinkler"!

Livi enjoyed playing with/throwing around my old Rainbow Bright doll! :)

Cheeeeeeese! In her lil' Atlanta Braves shirt!

July 17, 2008

4th of July...and Livi's 8 Months Old!!!

Matt and I can hardly believe that our lil' sweet pea is 8 months old! She's growing so fast and trying new things every day! She's truly a lil' dare devil!
Here are a few new pics from the beginning of July! :)

Our lil' girl is growing up!

We enjoyed our play date @ the pool with Allison and Courtland!

Livi was excited about surprising her daddy @ the office!

She's too young to be in the principal's office!

Tryin' to help her daddy get some work done!

4th of July @ Laura and Ryan's "Low Country Boil"! Laura's only got a few more weeks til baby Colsen or Campbell joins us! Can't wait!

Me and my lil' firecracker :)

Livi loved all the day's festivities! :)

Hangin' out with Laura @ the park just 3 days before she was induced!

Fun in the Sun!

Thanks to an administrator conference in Myrtle Beach, we were able to enjoy Livi's 1st "real" trip to the beach in June! While Matt attended a few sessions, Livi and I would hang out with some of our friends, whose hubbies are also principals! It worked out perfectly!

Livi did NOT like the ocean...or the hat we had just tried to put on her head! Sooo we sat in tide pools at the beach, hatless. This picture captured her feelings on it all! :)

Livi was ready to go out to eat!!

Livi LOVED being in the pool with her daddy!

We went to Destin with Grammy and Gramps the very next week! Again, Livi LOVED the pool, but not really the ocean. We'll work on that next time! We played in the water, shopped, and dined all week long. It was so much fun - something we'll never forget!

We dragged a baby pool down to the beach every day! It was perfect for Livi since she wasn't so fond of the waves! :) AND we finally convinced her to wear her hat!

I think she drank 1/2 the pool that week!!

Our lil' fam :)

Livi and Matt decided to swap hats!

Our lil' sweet pea was so good @ dinner - she's such a good date! :)

Grammy convinced us to let her give Livi her 1st bite of ice cream EVER...

...and judging by her reaction, we're pretty sure she LOVED it! :)

Hangin' out with Grammy!

Listening to the band @ the Baytowne Wharf...Thanks to Gramps, Livi had the best view!