February 5, 2009

First Days in the Cottage

So believe it or not, we did finally move! While the selling of our house has left a bad taste in our mouths, we are so grateful to have had our house sell in 2 months and to be living in a cute cottage on family land until our home is finished being built! While Matt and I were both a little nervous about how the new surroundings would effect Livi, she's been such a trooper! Not only that, we actually think this place is magical! Matt and I both are so stress-free and able to enjoy the little things like never before! We've spent more time on the floor playing with Livi and out on the farm enjoying nature than we have doing anything else! We've put the computer away (except for my blog and e-mail...and Facebook) and our once "couldn't live without" TV shows are an afterthought (mainly b/c we're too impatient to sit through commercials now that we've been spoiled by DVR, which we lack out here!)
I've spent more time reading than I have in years, especially my Bible. It's like we've been given a new set of eyes to look through, and a chance to mellow before Brooks arrives in 11 weeks! What a gift from God! The gift of time! It sounds so simple, yet we so often take it for granted in the craziness we create in our lives.
Enough ranting...just wanted to document this feeling of serenity (mainly to refelct on once our house is further along and needs more attention/visits to the site and our lil' man gets here and I'm running 90 mph to keep up with it all!)