December 5, 2008

Brooks Matthew Warren!!!!

Soooo, today we had our doctor put the new baby's ultrasound picture in a sealed envelope for Matt and I to open on our dinner date! It was TORTURE having it in my presence all morning, so I took it to the car in the afternoon. It sat there until we left for downtown :) We arrived at Blue Marlin and barely ate a bit of bread before deciding to open the envelope! (Matt had wanted to wait until dessert! HA!) We opened it and read "Livi's lil' BRO"!!!! We could not believe it! I had been having 'boy' dreams all along, but since I was wrong about Livi, I figured I was wrong about this lil' peanut, too! But I was right!!!! :) We hugged, and cried, and hugged a little more. Then we literally sat silently for a few minutes, thinking about what had just been revealed to us and how our lives would never be the same! We decided to wait and call family when we were finished with dinner...which we gulped down! We were so ready to tell everyone! Brooks Matthew Warren! BMW! Beamer! "Brooksy" (said in a New York baseball fan-type voice!) God is so good and we're so blessed to have a healthy lil' one on the way! YAY!