April 26, 2009

Welcome Brooks!

We are so proud to announce the birth of our 2nd child, Brooks Matthew Warren! He was born April 14, 2009 at 5:07 pm weighing 7 lbs 7 oz and measuring 20 1/4 inches. The following story will attempt to describe the events of that day and our joy in knowing God's arms were wrapped around us through it all! :)

I started having contractions around 10 pm on Monday night. I went to sleep, hoping to "sleep it off" (haha) since I only had to wait til Thursday for Brooks' induction. I just knew this little peanut would wait it out and let me have my planned out delivery with my own doctor and medication this time!...or so I thought :)

The contractions grew throughout the night, though they were erratic and I was in denial that they could be the real thing. Matt was so sweet and stayed home with me the next morning to help me get Livi ready for her 1st day at Mom's Morning Out. We dropped her off together - at this time I could not even pick her up I was in so much pain!

I convinced Matt to go on to work as my mom was driving from Atlanta and would be here around 10 am. She arrived on time and we went to run a few errands (again, haha). After some gentle nudging on her part and the advice of some friends, I called my doctor, who told me to come to his office. Sure enough, I was in active labor! I called Matt and he met me and mom at the hospital! To add to my stress level, Livi was still at her 1st day of Mom's Morning Out and I wasn't even going to get to picke her up - and neither was anyone in my family!

MUCH to my surprise, I had a temp of 102 when I got to the hospital! I was so scared when they told me that Brooks' heart rate was in the low 200's. (It had always been in the 150's) We decided to monitor the heart rate and temp as I waited on an epidural (I WAS GETTING AN EPIDURAL THIS TIME IF I HAD TO INJECT IT MYSELF!) :) We had to wait about 3 hours for the epidural since the doctors were debating whether or not it was safe to give one to someone with this high of a temp. FINALLY, I got the epidural and started enjoying myself. I had a few frozen Popsicles...and then Dr. Reynolds came in for another visit. This time he did not look as jovial. He was really worried about my temp since it was still going up and Brooks' heart rate as it was staying so high. He told Matt and I that he had only seen this 1 other time in his entire career, about 15 years ago, and that they had allowed the mom to wait it out and delivery naturally as she wished. He wouldn't go much further, but he said they had a very sick baby. He was leaning towards a c-section. I could have burst into tears right away. I had never even considered having a c-section! It was not even a thought in the back of my mind! After praying about it and considering the options, Matt and I agreed with Dr. Reynolds. I was immediately prepped and wheeled into the OR. 15 minutes later Brooks was here! Perfectly healthy! Sweet cries! Looked JUST LIKE Livi :) Amazing - Thank you Lord!

Dr. Reynolds at first apologized for having possibly done an unnecessary c-section, but mentioned that he had done a few cultures to see where the infection had been in my body (as clearly there had been one somewhere for my temp to be so high!) He said he would let me know once he found out. Having heard that, at first I was a little sad that we may have done this for no reason. Oh, Holly of little faith!!!! I was wheeled into recovery where my temp immediately broke and Matt brought me the good news that Brooks' heart rate was perfectly fine, back down to the 150's :)

After a successful nursing session with my lil' champ, Dr. Reynolds came to visit. He said that he had received a positive Group B Strep culture from my placenta (sorry if that word makes you squeamish! I'm with you!) He said my situation was a mirror image of the other event that took place 15 years ago and admitted that in that instance, the baby died. I was overwhelmed with God's provision - He allowed me to have this man as my doctor, someone whom I had never even seen or heard of, yet he had the previous experience that may have very well saved Brooks' life. My own doctor may have been slower to push for the c-section, allowing the infection to reach Brooks during labor/delivery.
While all of this was going on, my other little Sweet Pea was in the good hands of friends, and I cannot thank them enough!!!! Jennifer E for picking up Livi from Mom's Morning Out, and for feeding her, bathing her, keeping her amused by letting her play with her own 2 sweet girls, etc etc etc! And Laura P for bringing her to me that night so I could get some hugs and kisses and so she could meet her little brother! These 2 girls are amazingly selfless - the calm I felt knowing Livi was with them enabled me to deal with things at the hospital! :)

Matt and I have been so blessed, shown so much grace. The Lord has shown us His hand of guidance and provision more in the past few months than in our 2 lives combined! Now more than ever, we feel His presence in our lives and we are truly grateful! It makes us long to be better parents, spouses, witnesses for Him! From all of this, all I can plead is that you walk with Him daily and allow Him to guide your steps! He will never lead you astray!

April 2, 2009

Burnin' Down the House/Quick Update

Haha - kidding - we didn't burn anything down! BUT we did burn up the past few nights! Something is sersiously wrong with our heating/AC system, as the repair guy has now been here for almost 2 hours and still there is no relief. You know there is something wrong when you turn the thermostat to 68 degrees and it slowly rises to 86 degrees. Could it be that the thermostat is suffering from dyslexia?!
Livi has been sick the past few days. She's such a trooper, enduring 2 oral meds and a 3 times/day breathing treatment. It's touch and go with the breathing treatments, sometimes she'll sit still like a champ and other times she'll thrash around like a lil' baby shark :) Either way, she's me hero for even trying to deal with this thing!
I went for my 37 week appointment today and was happy to hear that I'm making some progress! In fact, my doc thinks the day we've chosen to possibly induce (4/16) may be pretty close to the time Brooks would come naturally anyways! We'll see :)