March 29, 2009

1st Night in the New House!

Today was something else! You know when you think back and you're like, "Did today really start off in that way? SO MUCH has happened since then!!" :) Today was one of those days. We started off in the cottage, cleaning and finishing up with the packing. I gave Livi her last bath in that little 'ol tub :) We met Matt's dad at the new house to help him bring in my old furniture, aka Livi's new "big girl" furniture! Matt then went to meet the boys at the storage facility while Livi and I ran to Lowe's. Then it was back home for Livi's 1st nap in her new room...apparently she was as excited as I was because she slept for about 10 we kept having visitors at our door, so there was way too much going on and she didn't want to miss a thing! Once everything was moved in we grabbed some dinner and made sure everyone's cars/trucks/U-Hauls made it back to the right place...put Livi to bed (which went MUCH better than her nap since she was about as lively as a wet mop by 7pm)...assembled and re-assembled some furniture...brought in more boxes from the garage...ETC ETC ETC. I'm beat, though apparently Brooks has just found his 2nd wind - G'night!!!! :)

March 24, 2009

Every Woman's Marriage (my new Bible study)

So I just started a new Bible study w/some friends on Thursday mornings. I was ready for some "girl time" to chat, catch up, and maybe learn a few things about marriage. I knew Livi would love having some play time w/the other kiddos in the nursery at church, so it was a win-win situation! Then, Week 1 hit...

Not only is this Bible study going to be convicting, it may be downright scary to examine the innermost reasons why marriage can be so challengin sometimes, especially since the focus of this study isn't reforming Matt, it's reforming ME! The nerve! (sense the sarcasm)

So in light of the devastating blow I took in Week 1, I'm going to take a minute to journal what I've learned so far...
-I have to be happy w/myself before I can be truly happy in my marriage (Please don't get me wrong, Matt and I are extremely happy and secure in our marriage. But every marriage can use a little fine-tuning!)
-Matt was not meant to be my white knight in shining armor (I know, gasp, right?!) He cannot save me from all of my insecurities! (but he is still kinda my knight in shining armor:)
-Men need to feel like heroes to their wives. (AKA-I was taking dinner to a friend who had recently had a baby and I needed a serving dish that Matt had taken to the high school a week ago. Knowing I had to have it in order to transport the meal to my friend, Matt somehow came home during the day to deliver the dish! I don't know how he did it, but he did! I didn't make a big enough deal about his efforts - I need to remedy that!)
-Showing some grace to your hubby can make all the difference! When he has to stay at work late unexpectedly, don't assume it's b/c he's putting work ahead of you! He wants to be home more than he wants to be at work! Believe that!
-Make your home/your attitude something your hubby wants to come home to! I wonder sometimes when Matt and I talk at lunch and I'm stressed or just crabby if he ever thinks, "Well, tonight should be a blast!"

Little things make all the difference and this week I've decided to take charge w/ some of those little things. I'll let you know how it goes :)

March 17, 2009

When God Opens a Door...Walk Through!

So Matt and I have been praying A LOT about this whole house thing. For a while, nothing seemed to be working out and we wondered if selling our house and moving to the cottage was a huge mistake! God seemed to be closing every door!

1st the lot we bought to build on was horrible once it was leveled and prepped. The builder let us out of that contract and allowed us to pick another lot in the brand new phase of the neighborhood! Sounds good, right?! Well, the new lots were more expen$ive, the backyard still would have had a slope to it, AND they would not even start building til June - aka: a finish date of November or so. We weren't thrilled with this idea, but we knew we wanted this house and we wanted to be in this neighborhood, so reluctantly we agreed. The contract was supposed to be faxed to Matt last Monday. By Wednesday, he still had not received a fax OR a phone call from the on-site realtor we'd been working with, which was odd b/c he's been amazing with keeping us informed. Matt called him and he said their computers were down and he couldn't get a proper contract printed, but he would send one as soon as he could.

In the meantime, I had a few rough days at the cottage, feeling claustrophobic and wondering how on earth we were going to manage once Brooks got here. I started to wonder if we needed to give up on the neighborhood (and forget getting back our earnest money) and look elsewhere, was that where God was leading us? Was that why nothing was working out? I started looking up new houses online and found one in the same neighborhood in which we were building! I sent the listing (along with a few others in other neighborhoods) to Matt. We went to see this new house and found many things about it we liked. BUT there were things about it we didn't like. The best part was that we could move in by the beginning/middle of April! The idea alone was worth a 2nd look so we went back with our realtor and she helped to point out some +/- aspects. We were almost ready to make an offer when we decided to go see it 1 more time with the on-site realtor who knew the house best.

While we were walking through, I jokingly mentioned another house in the neighborhood that was for sale. (I say jokingly b/c it was WAY out of our price range) He said that it was an amazing house and had been finished for about 3 weeks. He felt pretty sure that if we made a reasonable offer, he could work it out for us since we were willing to close before the end of March, which is the end of their quarter! We went and saw/fell in love with the house! It was amazing! It had everything we wanted and more! We tried not to get our hopes up, but we prayed about it and made an offer! Much to our surprise, they accepted! We signed a contract the next day, got the financing in order, and now we're just waiting to do an inspection and the final walk-through with the on-site realtor and contractor next week!

We truly feel the Lord's hand has been in all of this. The progression of open and closed doors is amazing. Every door we opened, the Lord shut - until this last house! All the doors flew wide open and even more have done so since we signed. The lesson in all of this is, when God opens a door, walk through! It may not pan out, but it may lead to another door that will! :) Be persistent in prayer and walk with confidence knowing that God will see you through, He will not give you more than you can handle, and He wants what's best for you!