March 11, 2011

New Study

I'm participating in a new Bible study on the power of a woman's words. It's amazing how they can build people up or tear them down. It sounds pretty obvious, but in reality, we don't take our words as seriously as we should. Since starting 2 weeks ago, I've found myself taking a closer look at the things I say to my family and friends. It's amazing how many times I've had to adjust my thoughts and edit my words before speaking them. I'll have more to write as we go along (and as I have a minute to spare?!).

Try to think of a way you could encourage someone with your words. God created the entire unniverse with just words - - He made us in His image, giving us the ability to speak and communicate - - how can you use those gifts to benefit His kingdom today?

March 9, 2011

Before You Go To The Movies!...

Matt and I made a vow several years ago that we would not see any more R rated movies...and we haven't missed a thing! The Bible says that "what goes in comes out" (paraphrased of course:) and I'm a firm believer in that very concept. Why would I want to spend money to inject foul language, sexual images, and violence into my mind? Before we see a movie, rented or at the theater, we always check While their reviews can sometimes border on dramatic and ultra-conservative (a handful of times we've seen a movie they warned of and saw very little to be concerned about), for the most part they hit the nail on the head and have saved us a lot of money and even more regret. Even when you think a movie SEEMS safe, just check it out before you go/rent. It's worth it! :)