April 14, 2010

Brooks Turns 1!!!! Pics to come ;)

So I know it's been a while, like since NOVEMBER, since I've posted! We've been just a little busy! I promise I will post pics after Brooks' birthday party on Saturday, but I had to take a minute to reflect on the past year of his life.
It was a life that started out with strife. I was sick and didn't know it. He was on his way to catching my illness and we had no idea. With God's guidance, the doctor led us in a new direction; one that would steer Brooks from harm. To this day I still marvel at God's mercy. I am amazed that He would see fit to save MY son from potential sickness, even death. If you've ever wondered if God cares, I can tell you that He does! And the even more comforting thought is that even if something had gone wrong, He would have seen us through that as well. While I am so truly grateful to have a healthy, curious, getting-into-everything little man on my hands, I'm also relieved to know that God sees us through all circumstances, good and bad, big and small. The very God who created this Earth cares about me...and you!
So about Brooks - he's crawling/cruising everywhere. There are blockades all around the house! It's like a construction zone! He loves to be asked what a lion says - he'll roar a cute little roar :) He loves pushing things...anything...chairs, stools, trucks, pillows, anything that moves gets bulldozed around the house! He's got 2 teeth on bottom, the 2 middle on top, and 1 right beside his top left tooth is poking through. He is so easy to tickle, all you have to do is look at him and he knows it's coming! His tubes are holding up perfectly - he's sleeping better and is no longer in pain! He is truly such a joy, my little man. My little snuggler. Oh he's so snuggly!
As I said, pics to come...gotta run!