June 22, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Livi (43 months) - - Livi's totally into Landon and loves telling him he's a "big boy", a "good boy", a "sweet boy", etc. She likes asking him if he's ready to eat supper?? go outside and play?? have tummy time?? to which he grins ear to ear and she says, "Aww, he's so excited about that!" She's all about her wedding (when she's "bigger" like mommy). She's excited about having her own baby one day (AFTER her wedding:)  She asked the other day when she could wear a bra!!!! LOL! She's definitely a know-it-all, which is a little annoying at times, but sometimes she IS right! She enjoys reasoning with Brooks when he's being unreasonable. She and Brooks have such a love/hate relationship and it can turn on a dime! She loves wearing dresses but can rock a pair of jean shorts any day! She's a great performer, a silly dancer, and an amazing actress. She wants a band aid whether she's bleeding or not. She wants to do pretty much everything on her own - - bathe, dry her hair, pick out her own clothes, etc. Her new fav movies are Bolt and Cars...we act them out all the time! She asked for a baby sister "next time" and I told her she'd have to talk to daddy about that! She gets a kick out of calling Matt and I by our first names in public (as in, "Maaaaaatt!!" when she can't find him in the grocery store!:) She always wants to know what time it is. She aced her swim lessons and is now an official fish :)

Brooks (26 months) - - I just love to sit and watch Brooks play. He is so full of joy! He can roll a train or truck around the floor, up the wall (though he knows he's not supposed to!) and all over the furniture for hours! He's so easily amused. We often find him sitting in the living room quietly reading book after book. He loves Thomas the Train and Backyardigans. He always talks about a hippo...no idea why...but the hippo comes up in every conversation whether it's with me or the Queen! The hippo follows us everywhere! :) Favorite sayings: "Happen, mommy, happen?", "Doin', mommy, doin'?", "Ok daddy?". He said his 1st prayer on Father's Day: "Dear God, Fank you for trees, sun, moon, stahs, Jesus. Amen" He was so proud of himself. He's a little politician, shaking hands and waving everywhere we go. He loves the waiters at San Jose...and they love him, too, always giving him high-5s and pats on the noggin'!

Landon (7 months) - - Landon is just pure happiness. He'll smile at you whether you're young or old, friend or stranger. He enjoys sitting up, banging toys on the ground/table, and watching Livi and Brooks run around. He's taking big boy baths now and had his 1st bath w/Livi and Brooks last Sunday (6/19). He likes pushing up and trying to get his knees underneath him, but he's still not crawling yet. He gets up around 6am whether you put him to bed at 8pm or 11pm. He grunts at his stuffed animals and squeals when he's excited. He'll eat just about anything we set in front of him. He's not ashamed to take a power nap in your arms. Livi can make him laugh like no other! He's sharing clothes with Brooks!!

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